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You Need To Do More Than Just Dream For It

Everyone dreams of personal successes, however few do the research… [...]

The Green Scam

All of this “Green Energy” is nothing more than a… [...]

Definition of Ineptocracy

A system of government where the least capable to lead,… [...]

A Big Thank You

Thanks to the Dave Duell Classic Dinner Attendees Who signed… [...]

Mayorkas Impeachment Dead

The below are the names of the eight RINOs who… [...]

Obama Facts:

1. Obama was the worst President ever. He set Race… [...]

Jed I Clampett

May the Weeeeee Dogggieeee be with you [...]

The Sith Lords Have Taken Over

Grand NAZI Sith Lord Soros with Sith Lord Obama on… [...]

Gold Bar Bob

To Star in Austin Powers “Goldmember II” [...]

Donald Trump Saved My Life

By allowing “Experimental Treatment of Terminally Ill” I caught a… [...]

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Texas’ Best Door Mats

20% Off For 4th of July [...]

20% Off Professional Grade Cornhole Game Sets

90 Different Styles That you can Customize Further Sale Ends… [...]

Flash Sale Until Midnight

30% Off Dark T-Shirts – Including Free Texan T-Shirts Sizes… [...]

Not Bud Light Swag

Less than $10 and ready for 4th July Picnics. Be… [...]

If you never checked it out, you’re Missing Out. [...]

Ultra MAGA Swag

15% Off. Order Now For Fathers Day [...]

A Tip for Damn Yankees

A tip for the liberals moving here from San Francisco,… [...]

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